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Buyer Services

C.P.I.C. Buyer's Service

1. Pay full attention to the buyers needs.
2. Suggest alternative solutions, increasing the supply of appropriate properties.
3. First opportunity to view new listings always given to those who have committed.
4. Educate the buyer by comparing competing and closed properties.
5. Educate the buyer by planning a negotiating strategy.
6. Suggest procedures that will strenghten the buyers negotiating position.
7. Provide price counseling to buyer by utilizing all recent sales data.
8. Contract will be written with buyer protective clauses included.
9. Financing alternatives will be suggested that have the buyer's best interest in mind.
10. Negotiate on behalf of the buyer.
11. Continue service to the buyer during negotiation, by searching for other appropriate properties to enhance the buyer's negotiating position.
12. Follow through after the purchase contract has been negotiated attempting to solve problems to buyer's satisfaction
13. Be available to buyer after closing. Keep all information confidential and provide assistance.



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